Surendran Natarajan

Surendran Natarajan is a seasoned Telecom Network Engineer with an impressive 22-year tenure in the industry, marked by innovation and overcoming challenges. Armed with four master’s degrees in communication and management, coupled with a PMP certification, Surendran’s expertise is as diverse as his passions. A fervent environmental advocate, he has channeled his zeal into tangible actions such as tree planting and lake restoration. This commitment to the environment seamlessly integrates into his professional endeavors, where maximizing recycling and resource reuse remains paramount. While his initial efforts to implement power-saving strategies in telecom didn’t reach their intended mark, they paved the way for a transformative career pivot. Drawing inspiration from John Woolard’s pioneering Ivanpah solar power projects, Surendran is now on a mission to merge his profound project management acumen with sustainable practices.