Serhiy Kovela

Dr. Serhiy Kovela is an Associate Teaching Professor of Project Management at Northeastern University in London, UK, and serves as affiliate faculty at the College of Professional Studies at Northeastern University in Boston, US. A scholar, educator, and practitioner, Dr. Kovela combines his rich experience of over 20 years in project management and business IT. His contributions to the field include providing consultancy services, crafting and delivering high-impact training programs for executive audiences globally, as well as imparting knowledge and skills to students across a variety of institutions in the UK, US, and Europe. His multifaceted experience in both practice and academia allows him to bring unique insights to his roles, bridging the gap between theory and real-world applications.

Serhiy has a master’s degree in electrical engineering, PhD in Computer Science, and an MBA. He also has a broad range of professional qualifications in project management and is an Accredited AgilePM Trainer, Accredited Business Resilience Fundamentals Trainer and Facilitation Practitioner. As a practitioner, Dr Kovela has worked in the private sector and state-sponsored organizations providing training and management advisory services focused on increasing organizational efficiency with better management of projects, programmes, and information technology. Having lived through the collapse of the Soviet Union and the emergence of the newly independent Ukraine while pivoting from international touring as a dancer to academic and industry pursuits, Serhiy had experienced many aspects of what we presently call the VUCA world even before the Covid-19 pandemic. He developed a profound appreciation of the importance of one’s ability to adapt at pace, both at the individual, community and national level giving rise to his keen interest in organizational resilience.