Mikhail Oet

Mikhail Oet is an Associate Teaching Professor at Northeastern University and Lead Faculty in the MS in Commerce and Economic Development program. He has held teaching positions at the Federal Reserve System and Case Western Reserve University, where he obtained his Ph.D. Mikhail also holds degrees from Yale (Architecture), Harvard (Architecture), Cooper Union (Engineering), and New York University (Finance). Mikhail began his public service career with the Federal Reserve System, focusing on the resilience of complex financial intermediaries. In 2006, Mikhail initiated the development of an early warning methodologies to identify instability in the US financial system. As an Economist at the Federal Reserve Bank of Cleveland, Mikhail has led the development of financial stability analytics. In this area, Mikhail has authored 21 refereed papers receiving over 530 citations and published in Review of Finance, Journal of Financial Stability, Journal of Banking & Finance, and European Journal of Finance, among others.