Joel Swift

Joel Swift is a California Licensed Architect with forty years of experience in architectural design, construction, project management and administration. He has experience as owner, builder, architect, project manager, real estate manager, facilities operation, campus architect and administrator for the University of California, private clients, and local agencies. Joel brings his unique and unparalleled experience as an executive, campus architect, planner for real property, and project manager of robust facility programs. He has a history of implementing programs incorporating innovative project delivery, sustainability, carbon neutrality, software and web-based project delivery solutions, Value Engineering (VE) and Life Cycle Cost Analysis (LCCA) in the delivery of complex capital properties.

Joel has presented for professional conferences and symposia on the topics of emerging innovations in construction technologies, project delivery, value engineering, life cycle cost analysis, university campuses, research innovation, sustainability, and other topics.

Most recently, Joel has joined Susan Swift in an independent consulting firm, SwiftEnvirons LLC. Their current projects focus on air quality, light, innovative research and healthcare facilities, stem-cell research, sustainability, higher education, and anchor institutions.