Dr. Jannatul Rafia-Tracy

Jannatul Rafia-Tracy is an Assistant Professor of Business at Wells College, where she specializes in teaching Management courses. Additionally, she also serves as an Adjunct Faculty at Underwood University, where she imparts her expertise in both Management and Marketing to graduate students. Previously, she had been an Academic at the University of Technology Sydney.
Dr. Rafia-Tracy’s exceptional qualifications and achievements have garnered recognition throughout her career. She has received an outstanding teaching certificate from Kappa Delta Pi and has consistently achieved high ratings of 4/5 in student evaluations.
Her current research interests revolve around leadership, specifically focusing on the dark side of leadership. Currently, Dr. Rafia-Tracy has three manuscripts under review by different academic journals. These manuscripts explore important topics such as neutralization techniques, moral disengagement mechanisms, and how leaders cope with guilt after impulsive abusive behavior towards subordinates.
Rafia-Tracy’s unique perspective as an educator is shaped by her extensive experience in the banking and retail sectors. With over six years of professional experience across three different countries—Bangladesh, the United States of America, and Australia—Rafia-Tracy possesses an in-depth understanding of working with diverse individuals from various backgrounds. This exposure has instilled in her the values of respect and appreciation for diversity, which she carries into her teaching approach.
Dr. Rafia-Tracy holds a Ph.D. in Leadership and Policy from Niagara University, where she was awarded a full scholarship to pursue her doctoral studies. She also earned a Master of Business Administration (MBA) degree with a major in Strategic Marketing Management from Niagara University, graduating with a remarkable GPA of 3.85/4 and being on the Dean’s list. She further expanded her international academic experience by receiving full scholarships through the Endeavour student exchange program at the University of South Australia.