Arjun Malarmannan

Arjun Malarmannan is a budding project management professional with a rich experience spanning four years. He embarked on his career as a Product Development Engineer in the Medical Devices Research & Development sector. Before pursuing further studies at Northeastern University, Arjun played a pivotal role as the Tech Lead at Cognizant Technology Solutions.

In addition to his corporate endeavors, Arjun has been deeply involved in philanthropic pursuits. In 2017, he founded a non-profit organization in India, championing causes close to his heart. A significant project under his leadership was “Next Window” at Northeastern University, an initiative that showcased stories from students of diverse backgrounds, shedding light on the importance of inclusion. Though the initiative concluded after its meaningful journey, its impact resonated with many.

Arjun’s commitment to inclusion is also evident in his association with non-profits dedicated to supporting individuals with disabilities. While at Cognizant, he played a key role in promoting diversity and inclusivity. Holding a certification in Accessibility from Microsoft, Arjun is adept at ensuring devices are accessible to persons with disabilities and a broader audience.┬áTaking his passion for inclusivity a step further, Arjun designed an application tracking system that integrates inclusivity parameters. This system aims to bolster diversity in workplaces, creating environments where everyone feels acknowledged and included.